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What are the Benefits of Blockchain in Real Estate?

Commercial real estate constitutes a significant portion of world economic asset and transaction activity. However, today’s real estate market consists of many siloed and independent networks with transactional friction and opacity between existing systems. The Ethereum blockchain presents a practical solution to realize the following industry benefits:

Tokenization of real estate assets

One of the most exciting ways Ethereum benefits the industry is through the digital securitization of real estate properties, also known as tokenization.

Access to broader investor pools due to ownership fractionalization

Digital assets can represent real-world assets such as real estate, real estate funds, revenue streams, governance rights, and more. Once these assets are tokenized, they can be divided into more granular pieces, made accessible to a wider pool of investors, and leveraged to raise capital.

Access to secondary market opportunities

Once tokenized, the programmable Ethereum blockchain enables the secure and compliant digitization of the transactions and processes around these assets, including issuance, trading, and lifecycle management.

Reduced costs from process automation

In the real estate market, the advice, knowledge, and know-how of real estate professionals will remain crucial to commercial buyers. However, the processing of securities, liability management, document processing, and accounting will inevitably change.


How does blockchain impact alternative financing for real estate?

Blockchain simplifies access to alternative financing models by facilitating investor management for developers and ensuring investment transparency and continuous ROI tracking for investors. Such solution simplifies investor experience, increase investor confidence, and unlocks access to a wider investor pool.


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