Debit & Credit Crypto Cards

The new, unique global card solution everyone has been waiting for.

Banking without the bankers.

Fuss-free banking for every day use plus easy access to cryptocurrencies. Equipped with traditional currency accounts including USD, GBP, EUR, CNY and JPY offering IBAN, SEPA transfers and international payments, all under a cryptocurrency friendly ecosystem.

Private Fiat and Cryptocurrency Banking

Open an account today and receive access to a new era in high speed banking with exclusive member rewards. Swipe and settle payments using your fiat or crypto assets with our all-in-one wallet the GS Credit card.

Global Access To Payments

Crossboarder payments incorporating secured blockchain technology using global connectivity. Our GS systems ensure that your crypto or fiat payment are done instantly using real-time exchange rates and market prices.

Build Your Rewards

Our ecosystem encourages participation through our referral link system. Rewards are given through community participation and growth when others purchase a GS Credit card package or product within the GS Bank ecosystem.


The new era of digital banking technology.

Reward yourself with daily payouts, earning passive income on your fixed investment.Use our experienced investment team to secure your success in the market:

Benefit from our exclusive crypto and fiat banking features with the convenience of a credit card.

World wide access to secure payments using a multi currency account. Internal transfers between members are completely free, our transfers and payments are record fast and our technology is decentralized.

Multiple fiat currencies accepted (USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, JPY)

Be the first to join and take advantage of private banking, deposit and withdraw fiat currencies all over the world using one account.

Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted (BTC, BCH, ETH, USDT, EOS, BAT, LTC)

Interest payouts are automated through our system. Daily rewards can be expected.

Payment limit

Depending on the GS Credit card package, payments into the account are limited to 2,000,000 USDT. Also, withdrawals of large amounts may need a few days to clear.

Withdrawal limit per day

Your daily withdrawal limit of fiat or crypto currencies depending on the package is 2500 USDT daily. This is the maximum you may withdraw at an atm for the day, which is renewed each day.

Limited Fees

Internal transfers are free, external transfers have a maximum charge of 3% and wallet to wallet crypto transfer are subject to a 1% fee. Services charges are included in the monthly package fee.

Concierge Services

Our 24/7 Concierge service is available to assist with any travel arrangement or booking for travel accommodations. Our members have exclusive access to a team of travel consultants that are eager to assist.

Travel Discounts

Our company has access to exclusive luxury travel deals with our destination partners. Get up to a 30% discount on travels to any destination globally with which we are affiliated with.


Rewards are given to members who use our GS Credit cards and participate in our community team building incentives offered to any member with a new successful referral.


How It Works

One form of state or government issued identification and one document your proof of address is needed to get you KYC ready and secure your GS Credit card! Sign-up and submit a digital copy of your documents while you decide on a package. The GS Credit Card is being issued by a regulated Electronic Money Institution in the European Union.

Different types of cards

Banking for crypto and traditional currency holders combined with concierge services saving you up to 30% on travel, shopping, and experiences. Our Credit cards provide members with exclusive benefits and access to crypto assets.

Basic Card

Starting from 69 USDT.

Comes With A GS Lifestyle Basic Debit Card.

Aluminium Card

Starting from 385 USDT.

Comes With A GS Lifestyle Limited Edition Aluminium Debit Card.

Steel Card

Starting from 895 USDT.

Comes With A GS Lifestyle Limited Edition Stainless Steel Debit Card.

Gold Plated Card

Starting from 5.995 USDT.

Comes With a GS Lifestyle Limited Edition Gold Plated Debit Card.

Solid Gold Card

Starting from 35.000 USDT.

Comes With A GS Lifestyle Limited Edition Solid Gold Debit Card.

Join Today!

Be the first to experience the world of crypto and fiat banking with GS Credit cards. Register today and get rewarded for spending your crypto at nationwide stores across the world! Secure and private banking with GS Bank, take control of your financial future.

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